Don’t Let a Saggy Neck Give Your Age Away

You pay close attention to the changes in your face as you get older. You notice the first wrinkles, changes in your skin tone, and the way unattractive pockets of fat build up in unwanted areas. But while you watch your face and adjust your beauty routine to better support your skin, chances are you miss another dominant feature: your neck.

Suddenly, you notice loose, saggy skin on your neck, a problem known by the very unglamorous term “turkey neck.” Or maybe it seems like you developed a double chin or neck bands overnight. 

Plastic Surgery Specialists of Boca Raton can solve all these problems and turn back time with a neck lift. Here, we explain why your neck ages so rapidly and how a lift can restore your natural beauty and give you a younger look.

Why your neck ages before its time

Your neck ages quickly due to a combination of factors, including:

Thin skin

Your skin naturally thins out as you get older, which may be a bigger problem for your neck because it already has thin skin compared to the rest of your body. Thinning skin leads to a saggy neck and wrinkles.

Exposure to sunlight

Chances are you’re careful about putting sunscreen on your face. But do you diligently apply it to your neck every time you go outside?

Exposure to ultraviolet light significantly accelerates aging in your neck. Photoaging occurs as sunlight damages your skin and the supporting structures under the skin’s surface such as collagen. The net result is loss of your skin’s strength and elasticity.

Muscle banding

You have two sheets of muscles on both sides of your neck. These muscles run vertically from your upper chest and shoulder areas to your jaw. They also lie just below the skin.

Your neck muscles always have the appearance of bands, but you can’t see them until your neck starts to age. Over time, repetitive movements thicken the muscles. And then your neck loses fat and the skin thins out. As a result, visible muscle bands are one of the first signs of neck aging.

Double chin

Did you know that you can end up with a double chin even if you haven’t gained weight? Aging leads to the same problem. The natural layer of fat under your skin moves, falls, and accumulates under your chin. This shift, combined with loose skin, creates a double chin.

How a neck lift improves your appearance

A neck lift is designed to take care of problems such as:

In other words, we recommend a neck lift to get rid of turkey neck, a double chin, and anything that gives your age away.

Choices in neck lift procedures

Plastic Surgery Specialists of Boca Raton perform neck lifts in their accredited and licensed surgical center, where you receive individualized care and exceptional attention. After your initial consultation, we recommend one of the following neck lifts, making the best choice for your unique cosmetic concerns.

Traditional neck lift

During your neck lift, we make several small incisions to eliminate excess fat and sagging skin, tighten your skin, and repair and tighten the muscles if needed. Your incisions are carefully and precisely placed to ensure that no visible scars appear after your surgery.

We use local anesthesia together with oral sedation to help you relax. In fact, we’re one of the few specialists who use the one-pill sedation method, which is the safest and most convenient anesthetic option.

Neck lifts typically take one hour, but your procedure could be longer if you decide to combine it with other surgeries such as a brow lift, facelift, or ear surgery.

One-incision neck lift

This neck lift reverses the age-related problems in your neck using local anesthesia and one incision. This option is often a good choice for men because the incision doesn’t disrupt their hairline.

No-incision neck lift

If you’re not ready for surgery, you may want to consider our innovative no-incision neck lift with the iGuide® Surgical Suture System. This system uses a mesh of sutures that we weave under your skin. The sutures tighten your neck and reshape neck muscles without invasive cutting.

To schedule a consultation, call Plastic Surgery Specialists of Boca Raton or request an appointment online today.

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