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Hand Rejuvenation: What to Expect

Hand Rejuvenation: What to Expect

Chances are you follow a daily cleansing and moisturizing ritual to keep your face looking young and glowing with health. But you probably don't give your hands much thought until you realize they look decades older than your real age. Suddenly, your hands become an embarrassment that you can’t fix with hand lotion.

You could create a wardrobe around statement gloves that hide your hands, but Rafael C. Cabrera, MD, FACS, at Plastic Surgery Specialists of Boca Raton has a better solution. He offers an innovative hand rejuvenation procedure that restores youthful hands you'll be proud to display.

Why hands rapidly age

Though all of your skin goes through the same age-related changes, your hands bear more wear-and-tear compared to the rest of your body and they end up looking old way before their time. These changes include:

Essential substances become depleted

Collagen gives skin its strength, elastin imparts resilience, and hyaluronic acid is an essential moisturizer that holds water in your skin. Unfortunately, your skin naturally produces less of all three substances as you get older, causing thin, delicate, dehydrated skin.

Sun damage accelerates these changes. As ultraviolet (UV) light breaks down collagen and elastin, your hands end up with less elasticity, more wrinkling, and a rough, uneven skin texture.

Brown spots develop

Your hands are frequently exposed to sunlight, giving UV rays plenty of time to damage DNA in skin cells. Sun damage, in turn, leads to pigmentation changes such as redness and brown spots.

Fat layer disappears

You have a layer of fat under your skin that normally helps it maintain a healthy, plump appearance. As you get older, the fat layer thins out, making your hands look haggard.

Hand structures stick out

As a result of age-related changes, the structures in your hands take on an exaggerated appearance. Blood vessels and tendons stand out at the skin's surface.

What to expect during hand rejuvenation

When you're ready to rejuvenate the appearance of your hands, we offer a two-step procedure that reverses the signs of aging. We begin by skillfully injecting dermal fillers to restore lost volume, and then we eliminate spots and tighten your skin with noninvasive photofacial treatment. Here's what to expect:

Fillers restore natural fullness

You can say goodbye to prominent blood vessels and tendons with a dermal filler that replaces the lost layer of fat. We inject a filler such as Restylane® Lyft or Radiesse®, choosing the best one based on the changes in your hands.

Restylane Lyft consists of a hyaluronic acid gel. When we inject it under your skin, it restores lost volume and plumps up wrinkles so they're less noticeable. 

Radiesse is made from tiny spheres of calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHA), which is the same substance found in bones. After we inject Radiesse, the CaHA spheres immediately add fullness and diminish wrinkles. They also stimulate collagen and elastin production, producing results that last long after your body metabolizes and eliminates the spheres.

You immediately notice the difference after we inject the fillers. Over time, your body naturally absorbs both types of fillers, so you eventually need another treatment to maintain the same appearance. However, Restylane lasts about six months, and Radiesse produces results that typically last a year.

IPL eliminates sun damage

After we finish injecting the dermal filler, we rejuvenate your skin by treating it with an intense pulsed light (IPL) photofacial or radiofrequency device. These devices get rid of dark spots and sun damage. And as they penetrate into the deep layers of your skin, they boost collagen production, which tightens your skin and helps diminish wrinkles.

Your entire hand rejuvenation takes about 40 minutes. You may have slight discomfort right after your treatment, but you don't need to take time off to recover and you can get back to your usual daily activities the next day.

To learn more about hand rejuvenation, call Plastic Surgery Specialists of Boca Raton or request an appointment online today.

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