How Abdominoplasty Can Give You a Flat Stomach

How Abdominoplasty Can Give You a Flat Stomach

Have you noticed that crunches aren’t shaping and toning your tummy the way you hoped? Or maybe you have loose, hanging skin following your pregnancy. Whatever problems plague your abdomen, Rafael C. Cabrera, MD, FACS, offers an exceptional solution, abdominoplasty to reshape and tighten your tummy.

Many people visit Plastic Surgery Specialists of Boca Raton to learn about their tummy tuck options. And those who choose the procedure love their new, flattering figure. Let’s explore how abdominoplasty restores a slim, attractive belly.

About abdominoplasty

Abdominoplasty is the medical name for a tummy tuck. The purpose of this surgery is to create the firm, shapely abdomen you desire. 

You have some surgery options, depending on the extent of the changes you want to make. For example, a mini tummy tuck only removes the skin in your lower abdomen. However, a full abdominoplasty restores the appearance of your entire abdomen.

During a full tummy tuck, we remove all of the excess skin and fat from your belly. Then we tighten and repair weak or separated abdominal muscles. Finally, we reshape and reposition your navel (belly button) as necessary to match your newly shaped abdomen.

Common reasons for getting abdominoplasty

Lose, saggy skin and separated abdominal muscles won’t improve on their own. And once you have a pocket of tummy fat, it can be hard — or impossible — to lose with diet and exercise. 

These common abdominal problems, the top reasons people want to have abdominoplasty, often develop due to:

Pregnancy is notorious for stretching your abdominal skin, causing so much damage that it doesn’t return to its pre-baby shape. You can also maintain a healthy body weight all your life and still end up with weak muscles, loose skin, and problems like love handles.

Plan ahead for long-lasting results

If you’re thinking about having a tummy tuck, some advanced planning goes a long way toward ensuring you get the best and longest-lasting results. Consider these tips:

Get close to your healthy weight

If you still have weight to lose, you should drop the pounds, get as close to your healthy weight as possible, and maintain a stable weight before getting abdominoplasty. Though a tummy tuck removes some excess fat, it’s not a weight loss procedure.

Cultivate healthy eating and exercise habits

One of the worst things you can do after a tummy tuck is gain weight. The results of your abdominoplasty may stand up to a small weight gain, but adding too many pounds will stretch your skin and abdominal muscles. Then you’ll end up with a bulging tummy like you had before surgery.

Stop smoking or vaping

If you smoke, vape, or use other nicotine-containing products, we ask you to stop at least several weeks before your abdominoplasty. Why is it so important? Because nicotine interferes with healing.

Nicotine tightens blood vessels, which limits blood flow. As a result, the surgical incision and the tissues we repair during your tummy tuck won’t get enough blood. Without blood, your skin and muscles don’t get the oxygen and nutrients needed for healing.

Nicotine’s effect causes big problems when you have surgery like abdominoplasty because moving the skin, muscles, and fat temporarily cuts off some of the blood supply to the tissues. Adding nicotine to the mix results in diminishing the remaining blood supply.

The blood vessels we cut regenerate during the healing process. But if nicotine interferes, you’re at risk for problems like:

Do you wish you had a flatter stomach? If you want to learn more about abdominoplasty, or if you have any questions, call Plastic Surgery Specialists of Boca Raton at 561-203-0377 to schedule a consultation today.

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