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Is Breast Reduction Right for You?

Women who want to enlarge their breasts focus on the aesthetic changes they want to achieve. By comparison, women whose breasts are naturally large tend to approach breast reduction with thoughts about how their quality of life will improve once their breasts are smaller.

While cosmetic outcomes are always an important aspect of breast surgery, most women know that breast reduction is right for them when they envision the positive physical and emotional changes they’ll experience as a result of reduction surgery.

Our team at Plastic Surgery Specialists of Boca Raton talks with many women as they weigh the pros and cons of breast reduction. As we listen to women’s ongoing concerns with large breasts, we often hear similar problems they face that indicate breast reduction is the right choice.

Physical pain pervades daily life

With so much attention placed on the appearance of women’s breasts, it’s easy for women who don’t have large breasts to overlook the fact that large breasts are heavy. Carrying that weight for years has an impact on your physical health.

Physical signs that you’re a good candidate for a breast reduction include:

You also may find it hard to breathe as the weight of your breasts limits the movement of muscles essential for breathing. Additionally, the pain and discomfort caused by large breasts often prevent women from enjoying athletic activities.

Large breasts aren’t always attractive

Naturally large breasts can cause aesthetic nightmares. Large breasts are often way out of proportion to your overall body size. And as their weight pulls the breasts downward, the supporting skin and ligaments stretch. Large breasts become droopy and unattractive long before age-related sagging should be a problem.

Emotional well-being suffers

Throughout adolescence and into adulthood, women are self-conscious or embarrassed about the size of their large breasts. Large breasts often attract unwanted attention, and sometimes that attention is filled with uncomfortable sexual innuendo or downright cruelty.

You may not like your appearance, especially when your breasts are out of proportion with the rest of your body. Chances are you have a difficult time finding clothes that fit properly and you’ve had to forget about wearing fashion that appeals to your sense of style. All of these challenges take a toll on your self-confidence.

Plan ahead for breast reduction

Whether you’re sure you want breast reduction surgery or you’re still undecided, we’re here to talk with you. We can help you sort through your choices, answer questions, explain about the procedure, and help you envision how smaller breasts will look on your body.

If you wish to use your health insurance to help pay for your surgery, plan ahead by learning if your provider has qualifications you must meet before they cover breast reduction. For example, some insurance providers require documentation showing that you pursued medical care for the physical problems associated with large breasts.

We can help you explore and understand insurance requirements, and if insurance is a problem, we offer financing with CareCredit.

To schedule a consultation, call Plastic Surgery Specialists of Boca Raton or reserve a time online.

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