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My Heavy Breasts Cause Back Pain: Can You Help?

Women with heavy breasts frequently have constant back pain, but that’s not the only physical or emotional problem they experience. The discomfort of heavy breasts far outweighs the perception that large breasts are attractive and desirable.

Skilled plastic surgeon Rafael C. Cabrera, MD, FACS, at Plastic Surgery Specialists of Boca Raton has a solution. He has helped many women overcome back pain with breast reduction surgery

Reducing the size of heavy breasts enhances your appearance and improves your life by eliminating the following challenges.

Physical problems caused by heavy breasts

Your spine is designed to support your body weight, but it has limits. The weight of heavy breasts takes a toll, leading to four significant problems.

Back and neck pain

Back pain is one of the most common problems caused by heavy breasts. The weight of large breasts affects your body’s center of gravity, making your shoulders roll forward and causing you to slouch.

Rolled shoulders put excessive stress on your back. Your muscles and spine also work harder to support good posture when you carry extra weight on your chest.

In both cases, heavy breasts strain your back muscles and force the spine out of its natural alignment. This typically leads to back pain but can also affect your neck.

Shoulder and arm pain

The weight of heavy breasts pulls down on bra straps. The pressure causes shoulder and neck pain and often leaves deep (and sometimes painful) grooves in your skin.

You could also experience arm pain and tingling if your bra presses against one of the nerves traveling from your neck to your arms.

Skin rashes

Nearly every woman with heavy breasts struggles with skin irritation when their breasts hang down and touch the underlying skin. Skin folds (areas where skin touches skin) hold in moisture and heat.

Trapped moisture and friction from skin rubbing together causes a red, itchy rash. Without careful skin care, inflammation and infection can develop.

Difficulty sleeping

Women in the last trimester of pregnancy discover the challenge of sleeping and breathing as they carry their baby’s increasing size and weight.

A similar problem challenges women with heavy breasts. They may struggle with shortness of breath and have a difficult time finding a comfortable sleeping position because of the weight and size of their breasts.

Emotional and social challenges of heavy breasts

Heavy breasts also have a negative impact on women’s emotional and social well-being. Finding clothes that fit well can be a nightmare. Shirts designed to fit their waist are too small for their chest, forcing them to buy clothes that fit their breasts but hang like a tent around their waist.

Exercising often leads to breast, back, and shoulder pain. Even a sports bra may not prevent uncomfortable breast movement when you’re active. Women end up avoiding the sports they enjoy and leading a more sedentary lifestyle that may lead to weight gain.

Practical problems like finding fashionable clothes that fit and struggling to exercise without pain significantly affect mood and self-esteem. Heavy breasts are also a source of embarrassment for many women.

Unfortunately, large, heavy breasts often invite unwanted and sometimes downright rude attention — another challenge adding to embarrassment that limits your life.

Yes, we can help

At Plastic Surgery Specialists of Boca Raton, we can solve every problem caused by heavy breasts with breast reduction surgery — called reduction mammaplasty. You only need to schedule a consultation so we can examine your breasts and learn about the changes you want to achieve.

Your breast size preferences always guide breast reduction surgery. However, other variables influence your results. Dr. Cabrera’s expertise guides your decision with recommendations about the breast size that best fits your anatomy.

During your surgery, he decreases the size of your breasts by removing fat, tissue, and excess skin. He also lifts and shapes your breasts to achieve fabulous results and give you the appearance you desire.

No one should go through life with pain and embarrassment caused by heavy breasts. Don’t wait to schedule a consultation at Plastic Surgery Specialists of Boca Raton to learn how breast reduction surgery can eliminate your back pain and improve your quality of life.

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