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Take a Load Off Your Back with Breast Reduction

Breast reduction has one of the highest patient satisfaction rates of any plastic surgery procedure. Most patients experience significant improvement in physical and psychological pain related to oversized, heavy breasts, and many say they wish that they had had the procedure earlier.

If you are on the fence about having breast reduction, you may be interested in some of the specific benefits of the procedure, outlined here by Dr. Rafael Cabrera.

Relief from Back and Neck Pain

Breast reduction will leave your breasts smaller and lighter. Almost immediately after surgery, you will feel as though an enormous weight is lifted off your chest. The procedure can improve or resolve any persistent pain you feel in your back, neck or shoulder due to the size and weight of oversized, heavy breasts. You will no longer have deep grooves in your shoulders from your bra straps digging into the skin.

With a smaller chest, you will find that you can stand up straighter and hold your shoulders back for better posture.

Easier to Move Around and Exercise

Having smaller, lighter breasts makes it easier to move around, exercise and play your favorite sports. You won’t get out of breath or feel the uncomfortable weight of heavy breasts when you run, swim or participate in aerobic activity.

Easier to Wear Certain Types of Clothing

It becomes easier and more comfortable to wear certain types of clothing with smaller, lighter breasts. You do not have to shop in specialty stores for expensive bras in large sizes. You can wear lower-cut tops and dresses if you like, and you can proudly sport a bathing suit without worrying about drawing unwanted attention to your chest.

Improvement in Self-Esteem

If you experience anxiety, depression or low self-esteem due to your oversized, heavy breasts, you are not alone. By reducing the size of your breasts and giving you a more proportional appearance, breast reduction can boost your self-esteem and help you feel much more comfortable in your own skin.

Book a Consultation with Dr. Cabrera

If you are interested in learning more about breast reduction, you are invited to schedule an informational consultation with Dr. Cabrera. Please call or email the Plastic Surgery Specialists of Boca Raton today to request an appointment.

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