What No One Tells You about Breast Augmentation

Nowadays there is so much information about breast augmentation available online. Plastic surgeons’ websites and patient forums make it easier than ever to look at before-and-after photographs, read testimonials and review surgeon’s credentials. However, there are still a few things people are hesitant to discuss about breast augmentation. Dr. Rafael Cabrera and the team at Plastic Surgery Specialists of Boca Raton are here to lift the veil on things no one else will tell you about breast augmentation.

It Is a Major Surgery that You Need to Research Carefully

Like any surgery, you need to do your homework about breast augmentation and ensure you understand all aspects of the procedure, including the risks. Even though no one likes to think about complications arising, being aware of them is a critical part of being an informed patient.

Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Many women considering breast augmentation think of the procedure in terms of implant size, and assume that bigger implants will produce a more attractive result. But breast augmentation is a very personal procedure. The size (and type) of implants that are right for you will depend on your chest size, overall body frame, the amount of breast tissue you naturally have and what you hope to look like after surgery. If you are slender and desire a modest boost in breast size, smaller implants may be the better choice.

It Takes Some Time to Adjust to Your Implants

You will not wake up from surgery and immediately feel like your natural self. Instead, it will take some time to get used to the weight and size of your implants. With post-operative swelling, your breasts are likely to look larger right after surgery than they will be once you recover and the implants have settled.

Your Breasts Will Change Over Time

Your breasts will change after surgery due to getting pregnant, gaining or losing weight or simply getting older and going through menopause. These changes are unavoidable. Unfortunately, you cannot expect the breasts you have after surgery to remain the same forever. But you can always consider replacing your implants with a different pair, having a breast lift or undergoing both.

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