What Women Love Most About Facelifts

What Women Love Most About Facelifts

Have you noticed that aging seems to happen overnight? One day you look in the mirror and realize you don't like what you see. You look permanently tired. You notice lines you're sure weren't there yesterday and you suddenly have a double chin.

A facelift deals with all of those problems and more, giving you back the youthful appearance that matches the way you feel. When it comes down to it, what's not to love about a facelift? You can rewind time, erase the signs of aging, and feel thrilled with the face you see in the mirror.

Perhaps you're not convinced that you want to go through surgery, but even that’s worth the results, especially when you’re in the caring hands of Rafael C. Cabrera, MD, FACS, and the exceptional team at Plastic Surgery Specialists of Boca Raton. Here’s a look at the top eight things women love about facelifts:

Boost your self-confidence

There's no doubt that feeling good about your appearance boosts your self-confidence. The effect of a facelift makes you stand taller, shine brighter, and move with assurance. In this age of selfies and Zoom meetings, you can feel confident you're putting your best face forward.

Say goodbye to wrinkles

A facelift tightens the bottom two-thirds of your face, so you can say goodbye to deep laugh lines and those wrinkles that line your cheeks. You'll be especially glad to be done with the vertical creases on each side of your chin that make you look like a marionette.

Tighten saggy skin

Daily skin care can keep saggy skin at bay for a time. But as you get older, loose skin is inevitable as your skin produces less of the proteins needed for strength, elasticity, and hydration.

We can fix this problem. During a facelift, we tighten the underlying muscles that support your skin. Then we remove excess skin and lift and tighten loose skin.

Get rid of jowls and your double chin

Your jawline disappears as jowls and a double chin develop. These problems are all the result of loose skin, excess fat, and the effect of gravity. 

You have a natural cushion of fat under your skin that usually makes your skin appear soft and supple. Over the years, the fat thins out and moves around, causing a double chin even if you maintain a healthy weight.

Redistribute fat cushion

The fat cushion causes other problems. As it moves around in the lower portion of your face, it makes your cheeks look gaunt and accumulates where you don’t want it. 

During a facelift, we remove excess fat or move it around and smooth it out. Recreating your youthful fat cushion goes a long way toward rejuvenating your appearance.

Target many problems at one time

The best thing about a facelift is that you don't need to choose one change over another. We take care of all these improvements in one procedure. 

You can also go beyond a basic facelift and add other procedures at the same time. Many people decide to have a forehead lift, brow lift, or eyelid surgery while they're in for a facelift.

Maintain your natural appearance

Although we make a lot of improvements during your facelift, we carefully complement your natural facial features, follow your contours, and give you a younger but natural-looking appearance.

Enjoy long-lasting results

If you want to get a facelift but you're worried about surgery, think about this: You can expect your facelift to last 10 years.

If you have any questions about the facelift procedure and how it can restore your youthful appearance, call Plastic Surgery Specialists of Boca Raton or book an appointment online today.

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