Will Brow Lift Make Me Look Surprised?

Are you considering undergoing brow lift but have concerns that you will be left looking perpetually alarmed or surprised? That’s understandable — an overdone brow lift can produce a permanent “deer in the headlights” expression.

In this post, Dr. Rafael Cabrera and the talented team at Plastic Surgery Specialists of Boca Raton want to put some of your brow lift worries to rest. We are confident that a well-performed brow lift can help you look like a more attractive version of yourself and help you feel comfortable in your own skin.

What Does Brow Lift Accomplish?

A well-performed, conservative brow lift will make you look rested and youthful. By subtly lifting heavy or droopy brows, the procedure will “open up” your eyes and entire face, giving you an alert and approachable appearance. If your brows droop severely and hood your eyes, the procedure may even help improve your field of vision.

Unfortunately, brow lift mistakes can occur. Common mistakes that can leave someone looking overdone include pulling the brows too high on the face, and lifting the inner brow too high in relation to the outer brow.

What Happens During Brow Lift?

There are a few different approaches to brow lift surgery.

In coronal brow lift, the incision is created from ear to ear in hair-bearing scalp. In an endoscopic brow lift, several short incisions are made in the hairline. Through the incisions, the eyebrows are gently raised and fixed into place. The forehead skin and tissue are repositioned to reduce the appearance of creases on the forehead and between the eyebrows.

Look More Rested and Youthful with Brow Lift

The quality of your brow lift results depends on the experience and skill of your surgeon. It is vital that you find the most qualified plastic surgeon to perform your operation. Experienced plastic surgeons have the knowledge and skills necessary to deliver conservative, elegant looking results that complement your inherent attractiveness.

A great way to find a qualified surgeon is to browse before-and-after brow lift photo galleries. These photographs give you a strong sense of a surgeon’s technique and typical results.

If you would like more information about brow lift, Dr. Cabrera would be happy to speak with you. Please call or email our practice to request an appointment with him today.

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